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A Canadian, a Palestinian, a Muslim, and a lesbian walk into a bar … ladies and gentlemen, it’s just Eman El-Husseini. Yes, she’s all those catastrophic identities rolled into one — her life is a current event. From the Muslim ban to Palestinian rights and marriage equality to the ice cream truck that insists on parking in front of her building, it’s all happening and it’s happening to her, especially. Strap in and get comfortable, Eman has a lot to work through. In her decade-long comedy career, Eman has headlined across Canada, opened for Patton Oswalt, and recorded her first comedy album, “Unveiled,” which can be heard regularly on SiriusXM Radio. She currently lives in New York City, legally, thank you very much.



  • New York Arab American Comedy Festival (2008-2015)
  • Amman Standup Comedy Festival(2009)
  • Just For Laughs Festival (2010, 2012 +2017)
  • OFF JFL/Zoo Fest (2014 + 2016)
  • Ha!ifax Comedy Festival (2012 + 2017) AIRS ON CBC TV
  • JFL42 (2013) SiruisXM Next top Comic Competition, Finalist.
  • JFL42 (2017) Solo Show. One of the 42.
  • Boston Comedy Festival (2013)
  • Charleston Comedy Festival (2015)
  • CBC’s Cracking Up the Capital (2015 + 2016)
  • Cape Fear Comedy Festival (2016)
  • Laugh Your Asheville Off (2016)
  • Hell Yes Fest (2017)
  • San Francisco Sketch Fest (2018)


  • CTV’s 15th Season Comedy Now! on the Comedy Network 
  • iChannel “No Kidding” Comedy Special (1 episode)  and Guest Panelist (3 episodes)
  • CBC’S STROMBO: “BEST JOKE EVER” and reoccurring Guest Comedy Panelist.
  • CBC’S Laugh Out Loud
  • CBC’S Accent On Toronto
  • SiriusXM Canada Laughs
  • SiriusXM Canada’s Top Comic
  • CBC Ha!ifax Comedy (Scheduled to air 2018)
  • Comedy Network/CTV Just For Laughs (Scheduled to air 2018)